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Now you might be asking yourself, where can I play these amazing games? RabCat may be one of the lesser known providers, but this is mainly because they are promoted under the name Microgaming and Microgaming Quickfire. Below the line, this meant a mutual symbiosis between the two companies. So, if you are playing at an online casino where Microgaming is one of the software providers, there is a 100% chance that you will also find RabCat games here.



It will be difficult to create a tip 3 of the best games created by RabCat. While the software provider doesn’t have an extensive portfolio like Novomatic or IGT, it does show that RabCat is looking for quality rather than quantity. When looking at the two aforementioned providers, Novomatic and IGT only focus on pushing the same mechanics with the same classic slot design, nothing innovative. However, when looking at RabCat’s repertoire, we can see that all their games have been created with extreme care and design in mind. No game is identical to the other, as they all employ their own play style, game mechanics, design and especially theme. The themes that players will find in most RabCat games are mainly based on fantasy, folklore and other fairy tale themes. By taking into account originality, gameplay and overall player reception, we can make a list of the top 3 RabCat recommended slots.

1 – Castle Builder

This video slot deserves to be in the first position when it comes to RabCat’s best slot machines. Castle Builder was RabCat’s first title to introduce a new style of level-based play in slot machines. This 5-reel slot machine allowed players to progress through the different stages of the game, achieving consecutive wins. This new and innovative way of playing meant that players had a goal to achieve while playing for the first time. When playing the game, players were encouraged to build and expand their castle by spinning the reels and gathering building materials with each win. With each victory, the castle and the player’s influence in the kingdom grew larger and larger. This new dimension to the game was so innovative and unusual that players were guaranteed hours of entertainment.

2 – Castle Builder II

Naturally, Castle Builder II is the successor to the award-winning Castle Builder slot machine and deserves to be second in our top three RabCat spots. The game employs the same gameplay mechanics as what made Castle Builder so successful, albeit with better graphics and smoother animations. In addition, the features that can be found in this game have also been extended, with 3 different characters to play, more kingdoms to discover, adjustable game difficulty and RTP and Freebuilding mode.

3 – Moby Dick

RabCat’s Moby Dick slot machine deserves to be in third place in our top 3 best RabCat slots. This beautiful modern version of the classic novel has come to life in a whole new light, due to the creative spirit of this software provider. Hunt the infamous white whale as you play Captain Ahab and dive into the whale’s belly for big wins and Free Spins. This exciting slot machine features some beautiful graphics and animations that will blow your socks off. They have really outdone themselves with the creation of this beauty of a slot machine.


RabCat slots

Although RabCat tends to remain in the shadow of the giant that is Microgaming, we think that this incredible software provider deserves to be in the forefront for the first time. They are the brains behind some beautifully and expertly crafted slot machines and casino games that are unsurpassed by your average slot developer. All in all, RabCat can give themselves a pat on the back for all the great content they have published over the years, both within the iGaming and video game industry.

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