Quickspins and the new State Treaty on Gambling

The new gambling treaty unsettles a lot of players. This is understandable, as no official regulation has been found so far and even casino portals with a licence from Malta or Curacao are still advertising for customers.

In addition to the maximum deposit amount of 1,000.00 dollars in one month, there are many other requirements that cause uncertainty and misunderstandings. For example, players can no longer use the autostart mode and must make each spin individually. This is because a spin may only be made every five seconds. That these features do not help to remedy the high losses should be known to everyone. The five-second rule merely causes the credit to be gambled away more slowly. In addition, the constant waiting contributes to an uninteresting gaming experience for many casino fans. Therefore, casinos without the five-second rule are worthwhile.

Other aspects speak for online alternatives

Quickspins slots

In addition to the features already mentioned, there are many other questionable contents of the new gambling licence. For example, a register is supposed to monitor the player’s deposits, which is not in line with the Data Protection Act.

The wagering regulations also impose a strong limit. Thus, in a casino with a licence, you are only allowed to place 1.00 dollar per spin. Even in a casino, players are allowed to wager more, so this regulation also raises many question marks. It is precisely for these reasons that players keep looking around the European gambling market. Due to the European freedom to provide services, there is a grey area here that does not prohibit gambling in an online gaming hall clearly enough. Get an overview with the help of our recommendations of reputable online casinos.

We have compiled a list of the positive aspects of an online alternative and want to show you the advantages. If you would like to find out more information about online slots without restrictions, our special page on the topic will certainly help you. Just follow the link!

No monthly limits for deposits

Especially for so-called “high rollers”, i.e. players with high stakes, the monthly deposit limit of 1,000 dollars is an obstacle. With only a few spins, the entire limit can already be used up, so that no profit is made. While casinos with a licence are bound by this regulation, it is still possible to deposit more money in casinos with a licence from Curacao or Malta. Here, too, players should set themselves a limit. However, due to the non-existing definition of the maximum deposit, significantly more credit can be loaded onto the account. Casinos without deposit limits are therefore the right choice for all those who do not want to be told how much money they can play for per month.

No betting limits at tables and slot machines

Quickspin games

The live casino has been completely banned from the portals’ offer, as long as they operate under a licence. Especially for friends of blackjack, roulette, baccarat or poker, this is also a drastic decision that does not seem acceptable. The betting limit on slot machines also raises a big question mark. While in arcades up to 4.00 dollars per spin may be placed, players in an online casino are to be allowed to wager only 1.00 dollar. In order to circumvent this regulation and the ban on live casino, a reputable and secure provider with a European licence is suitable. Due to the European freedom to provide services, many casino portals continue to accept players.

More than just slot machines

As already mentioned, there are no providers that have a live casino more in their offer. More than just slot machines, however, can be found in online alternatives. Here, an extensive range of table games continues to be offered. In order to be able to continue playing games such as blackjack, roulette in all forms or baccarat and live games, a look at the online alternatives is suitable.

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